Deposit via Credit Card

ID Registration is necessary when deposit over 3 times via Cards within a month. Without registration, deposit may be rejected by payment company.
For customers who use Credit card for deposit are recommended to register in advance.
1.Personal ID (Upload here)
・Photo ID
※Driving License, Passport, etc
・Utility Bill
※Electricity, gas, water, telephone, etc. Address and Name should be clearly shown on statement
2.Image of Credit Card (Upload here)
※For security reason, please show the last 4-digit only.
※For security reason, please show only the signature and cover up all other information.

When you click the Card Deposit Icon, a pop-up window will appear and show a deposit form.
Please fill in according to instructions.

After deposit process completed, amount will be reflected in your trading account within 5 minutes.

※If your deposit amount is not being reflected soon after payment, please contact us by filling in the deposit confirmation form.