[ended]Valentines’ Day MAX USD500 Bonus Campaign Started!

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【Campaign Summary】
During campaign period, customers who made a deposit over USD50 in total will have a right to receive 10 times of the deposit amount as bonus.

■Methods to receive Bonus
STEP1. Make USD50 or above deposit within campaign period
STEP2. Fill in the application form below after deposit
STEP3. Trade for 10 times of your deposit amount by deposit completed time
STEP4. Once BT Option confirmed your deposit and trade amount, Cashback amount will be reflected in your trading account within the next working day.

■Campaign Content
100% of your deposit amount Bonus (Maximum USD500)
※Currency will be the same as registered when account opened

■Campaign Period
31 Jan 2019 15:00 to 14 Feb 2019 15:00 (GMT)

■Conditions for application
All below conditions (1)to(5) must be fulfilled during campaign period.
(1) Complete deposit within campaign period.
(2) Deposit amount is above USD50 within campaign period.
(3) Below application form is filled in and submitted successfully.
(4) No withdrawal applied within the campaign period.
(5) After BT Option has offer the right the right of receiving bonus amount, trade 10 times of the deposit amount within 14 days.

Any below conditions must NOT be fulfilled for campaign application.
(1)Deposited before this campaign started
(2)Application made with dishonesty, duplication or false data etc
(3)Inappropriate deposit, withdrawal and/or trading activities is/are recognized under trading rules of BT Option
(4)Same person/entity applies with duplicated accounts
(5)Failed to fill in the application form
(6)Withdraw no matter any amount within campaign period

Only the first deposit made with campaign period is counted, even with multiple deposits during campaign period.
Deposit made out of the campaign period is not valid for campaign.
You must fill in the below application form for joining campaign.
※Please provide the registered Username, Email address.
※If username or email address are not recognized due to typing mistake, bonus may not be given.

(1) Customer will automatically receive the right of receiving bonus once your deposit amount is confirmed.
(2) Customer has to trade 10 times of the deposit amount intend to receive the bonus amount within 14 days; or else bonus right will be cancelled.
(3) Customers fulfilled all conditions for application, can be excluded due to customers’ deposit, withdrawal and/or trading activities, under trading rules of BT Option.
(4) Each person/entity can only apply once.
(5) There are situations that BT Option may not provide reasons for exclusion.
(6) BT Option reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.