Trading Rules

Transaction fee Free
Account Opening / Maintenance fee Free
If no transactions had been carried out for 6 months, account can be frozen (dormant account). All dormant accounts will have a monthly maintenance fee being deducted from the account balance. Dormant accounts will be locked when balance became zero.
Options HighLow option
Option On Demand
Trading methods Buy-Sell trading system
Trading hours Mon-Fri 7:00am-5:00am (JST)
Sun-Thu 10:00am〜8:00am (GMT)
During low peak season of Interbank market such as Christmas and New Year, change of trading hours may occur.
Limitations Purchase No daily purchase limits.
JPY50,000 / USD500 upper limit per each transaction.
Total amount of  exposure There is no limits of transactions at one time.
However, there is an upper limit of JPY150,000 / USD1,500 of total amount of exposure at one time.
Payout Rate Maximum 100%
Underlying asset Rate
The mid rate of the BID rate and ASK rate for each currency pair is provided by the feed provider.
Due to different price offering companies, it will not be exactly the same as rate of binary options provided by other companies.
Trading Rate
The transaction rate is calculated based on the “Black Scholes”, which is one of the theoretical models of options trading, and the risk premium is considered as a spread.
In this model, underlying asset price, strike price, volatility (rate of fluctuation), exercise period (trading time), short-term interest rate are variable. Trading rate fluctuates by these changes.
Exercise Expiration Value Medium Rate of last updated underlying asset price before expiration time.
Profit Determination At expiration time, execution or lapse of right will be determined based on the above expiration value.
When expiration rate equals to purchase rate, purchase amount will be refunded.
Expiration Value Provider Not to disclose based on confidential agreement.
Reason of suspension of transaction
If BT Option deems that it is difficult to provide rates or hedge transactions due to technical reasons, such as a decrease in the liquidity of the interbank market, or a sudden change of exchange rate, we may discontinue the purchase or sale. In that case, the option that customers held will be settled at expiration time based on the expiration rate.
Others Temporary suspension
In the case of excessive burden on trading system, we may temporarily suspend your transaction at our discretion.
The communication time between customer’s devices and our server, and the contract processing time after purchase accepted, price difference (ie slippage) may occur between the screen display price at the time of the customer’s order and the actual contract price. Slippage” can be advantageous to the customer or may be disadvantageous.
When slippage occurs, confirmation of purchase will be shown on trading screen.