How to Withdraw

For withdrawal, please fill in Withdrawal Request Form, and follow the instructions in the email our responsible department sent out.
Main steps are as follow:
1.Fill in Withdrawal Request Form
2.Wait for the instructions email for withdrawal
3.Wait for the email for needed documents
4.Submit document files
Personal identity confirmation (Must)
Bank account information (Must)
Credit Card Image (Only when deposit via Credit Card)
mybitwallet account Image (Only when deposit via mybitwallet)
※Different documents are required due to conditions.
※One-time submission unless you have updates or changes.
※Optional to register and provide mybitwallet account information if wish to withdraw to mybitwallet account but did not deposit via mybitwallet.

5.Wait for the notice email of withdrawal completed

※Once the processing period exceeds 9 days from the day of withdrawal request, we will cancel the withdrawal process. Please repeat the above procedure from step 1.
Withdrawal fee is free up to 3 times a month. Handling fee of JPY3000 / USD30 will be charged from the 4th time. 
※In the case of bank remittance, customers should be responsible for the Inward payments remittance.
※In the case of withdrawal to mybitwallet, customers whould be responsible for the handling charge of JPY100 charged by mybitwallet.
※All document files are only to be submitted once, unless changes occur.
※Please be noted that, in the case of withdrawal failure due to incorrect or missing information, a maximum JPY4000 handling charge will occur.
※The minimum withdrawal request amount is JPY10000 / USD100. No any smaller amount of withdrawal request will be accepted in any conditions.
※Withdrawal currency will be same as registered at BT Option. Exchange rate may occur if the specific currency is not accepted by customer’s account at your financial authorization.
※Priority of withdrawal will be Credit Card > mybitwallet > bank remittance. Customer cannot designate withdrawal method.
※Customers cannot designate withdrawal date.